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About Us

The Global Barometer Surveys (GBS) have three main goals. The first is to generate a worldwide base of scientifically reliable and comparable data on public opinions on democracy, prosperity, and human security. We gather this information by means of face-to-face interviews with randomly selected samples of respondents that represent the adult population in each country. The research instrument is translated into the local language and trained fieldworkers conduct each interview in the local language of the respondent’s choice. To ensure quality control, all interviews, and the subsequent entry of data into electronic databases, are closely supervised. By insisting on strict research standards, we seek to assure the users of our data that it is trustworthy and accurate.

The second objective is to strengthen institutional capacities for survey research in all participating countries. We address this objective principally through the mutual exchange of expertise, occasionally supplemented with technical training workshops. The GBS is made up of a diverse set of organizations, including university research institutes, private sector research teams, and non-governmental think-tanks. Each of these partners has distinctive skills, for example in the conceptualization of applied social science research problems, the organization of survey fieldwork, the management of large data sets, and the cultural interpretation of the survey results. The GBS fosters exchange of expertise by bringing partners together for planning and analysis at the national, regional, and global levels.

Finally, we aim to disseminate survey results to popular and policy audiences. The GBS reports take various forms and are directed to a wide assortment of users, including decision makers in legislative and executive branches of government, policy advocates and civic educators, journalists in the mass media, and researchers doing program evaluations of programs of good governance and socioeconomic development. In addition, as a reflection of “the voice of the people”– especially as public opinion is reported in the print press and radio news broadcasts – our surveys aim to help ordinary adults become better informed and more active citizens.